1036 & 1038
E Gorham

W Wilson

N Baldwin

E Johnson

1036-Unit 1 Rented
1036-Unit 2

1038-Unit 1 Rented 1038-Unit 2 Rented


Includes heat,water
& off street parking available $65 month

SORRY, NO Laundry at this location

Unit 1 Rented
Unit 2 Rented
Unit 3 Rented
Unit 4 Rented
Unit 5 Rented


Includes laundry, heat, water, electric, internet
& off street parking may be available $100 month

Unit 1 Rented
Unit 2 Rented


Includes laundry, water, basement storage & off Street parking

Unit 1 Rented
Unit 2 Rented


Includes laundry, heat & water

Our objective is to restore historic housing stock in this neighborhood to its original esthetic condition while at the same time upgrading the electrical, plumbing and heating systems. We are also updating the units Internet, phone and audio/video cables in all rooms and inside of wall caveties.

We take our goal one step and one apartment at a time. Hence, each apartment we rent has obtained a different level of success in the context of our goal. We continue to improve each apartment between tenants.